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Default Re: Grand Prize by Charlie Reese

This, where does it end? Every dollar out there, every computer entry credit "dollar" represents a debt owed ultimately by the taxpayers who are the collateral, along with the real property (land) of America, for those "dollars."

The Supreme Court, back in 1933, took Silent Judicial Notice that this country was bankrupt because the bankers had called our national debt due. Coming as it did at a time when the Depression was just about but not quite at an end, the government could not pay it's bill. That marked the end of what was left of a government of, by and for We the People. That was the end of our Constitutional rights and put us under the UCC.

On the heels of that followed the Social Security Act which instituted a tax on the workers and also served to number the herd for future colateralization.

Taxing, borrowing and spending is spiraling out of control today.

It reminds me of a party held on the Titanic.

***Interestingly enough, Herbert Hoover (Hoover Times, equated with hunger and poverty) listed his address as the Offices of the Council On Foreign Relations.
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