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Default Re: Knowledge of the Symbol

Here's my two cents worth:

Penny #1: The Bible like any document should be taken in the context it was written, when it was written, in this case 2000 years ago.

Penny #2: There's a cult in the USA called Dispensationalism that takes selected verses from the Bible, mixes them up, and comes to a conclusion. It certainly avoids Penny #1 in reaching it's conclusions. Dispensationalism is a school of thought roughly 200 years old that at one time relied on the Scofield Reference Bible that added verses to the Bible to strengthen it's position.

My main problem, if anyone cares, with Bible study is when it strays from context. My understanding as it relates to the above, is that Jesus was sent to the people so that they could better relate to a God in their image. He tried to tell the people that they should not look for a warrior king in their God, but believe in God and love God without the pyrotechnics so espoused by the End of the Worlders of today. They should have faith in Gods power and will through spritual faith alone, not through physical proof. Any disbeliever can believe in God and fear him if given pyrotechnics, but such people are not spiritually enlightened by such shows of force.

It seemed that Jesus asked, in his case, where he was, that the Jews should refrain from their materialistic excesses and instead look within to join him in his spiritual kingdom. I need not say more I don't think.
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