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Default Re: Knowledge of the Symbol

Saturnino wrote:

make up your mind, buddy !

Of course you have the right to think whatever you want about Jesus. But I have the right to think your understanding is wrong. We CAN'T have two truths, two different realities for the same phenomena. One of us is wrong.

That's why I said you are a relativist, while I believe in absolute truth. Our reasoning differs in a deeper way than the Bible issue.

Adapting what the Bible says to your life is not the same as saying it is different in its message. It means you get a single, unique message and use it in different ways.

In fact, I believe there is a spiritual component in faith (God gives us faith ultimately) so I am not insisting. I can never "make " you believe by force.
I just think it would make a discussion easier if you posted in what YOU believe.

Who was Jeezus ?

The best salesman of all time ? ... after
surveying the market he reasoned that what
everybody really wants is a product called
eternal life. Pure genius.

The best communicator of all time ?

Using no microphone, without bothering to write
a single letter he is quoted everyday in over
1 000 000 buildings built in his honor.

The best actor of all time ?

He convinced billions that he was none other
than God himself in the flesh ... and his act
is still taking in the Oscars from people's
hearts all over the world.

The best magician of all time ?

Houdini and David Copperfield envy how he fooled the world then and for 2000 years since, how he came back from the dead.

The greatest programmer of all time ?

Bill Gates gave the world the most widespread
program for the computer ... but Jeezus created
the most popular operating system ever made for the mind.

The greatest lawyer of all time ?

Not only did he claim that he wrote the book
of laws known as Torah, but with his words and deeds he built the case that convinced billions of people that he indeed is its author.

The greatest doctor of all time ?

He actually did something that todays doctors can't seem to do with any illness or disease and that is to cure you. His last words were that ignorance was the greatest illness of mankind.

Not bad for a Jew boy.
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