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Default Re: I was threatened by a major NWO TV network today

Well done SAT!

Shit stirrer award of the week!

In Oz John Howard said forcefully on the telly that there was NO WAY he would be allowing a gun culture to form in Oz. So he proceeded with some of the stupidest laws you could imagine like a ban on ALL semi automatic rifles including piddly .22 rabbit bashers that all the farmers had.

He limited ALL handgun magazines to 7 rounds! The list was endless.

So, after laying in stone that NO gun culture would form in Oz, within months we had "Gun Ranges" spring up ALL OVER Oz in the capital cities where any idiot could walk in off the street and blaze away with ANY handgun he wanted!

What brilliance!

And now I could walk out my door and get a brand spanking new, in the box Glock with 50 rounds for $1500! You had to be DEEP in the underworld to do that. Now any half wit selling speed can get one through contacts.

And they say there is NO conspiracy?
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