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Default Re: I was threatened by a major NWO TV network today

Yes, no conspiracy...just a coincidence that the SAME gun ban laws are being passed in Australia and Brazil, that the same anti-free speech are being passed in the US and UK at the same time.

Here we have 2 million legal guns and 20 million illegal, unregistered ones. Banning gun sales means the smugglers and the police will get rich selling guns to the criminals, while the people will be afraid to have a gun and go to jail.

They said in the letter that I was using their copyrighted logo in the website and that the law said I was not supposed to take sides in the issue as I was a social communication company (a thing I am not).

the government set up the referendum in a way that only two groups will be allowed to speak: two groups of Congressmen. This after a major scandal involving the buying of votes of Congressmen ! We are now so stupid that we have to leave the discussion to those corrupt people.

I told them to fuck off.
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