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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

I don't give a sh*t either.. "They are either with us or against us" George W. Bush..

I don't think the difference in religions matters anywhere close to the amount of evil that is coming out of the mouths, and actions of Bush, and Blair, and the puppets that the powers in back of them install in so called democracies... Democracy is sick a joke.... As it is... Get used to it.

I say.. All religions of the world should unite against these evil slimes and puppets of "The Club Of Rome"...(NWO)... illuminati

Welcome Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus to our website.. You are welcome here.. This site loves you, as you love your children..

You have arrived in the right place, at the right time to help all of humanity.. and if you care.. please contribute your comments to this website... We want you here, and are awaiting your comments... You are welcomed..
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