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Default Re: A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

People who practice a religion that you don't practice aren't evil. This includes witchcraft, which is a real religion called Wicca, which has the main rule that whatever you do comes back on threefold, so they aren't hurting anybody if they know what's good for them. It's different from Satanism. It's different from Paganism. It's different from New Age Spiritualism. READ A BOOK. I don't know why I'm explaining this if you still think that people of the Jewish faith are evil. Oh wow! Just thinking about how people still think the jews are evil shocks me! There are so many religions out there populated with people just trying to achieve their highest spiritual potential. It makes me sick when people spit on that.
8-) Hmm interesting thread this.
.k Ronald Mcdonald claims higher spirituality. However this is as filling as my quarter pounder with chese meal.So please get back to the kids with those happy meals.

I think you have very little knowledge on the subject Ronny.
Care to look into history and you will find that your mates stalin lenin and Adolf Hitler liked to look upto idols like that fat russian bitch named blavatsky "The Secret Doctrine" and the first New age, thus started and the rest is all history pain and sorry two World wars and counting, thanks you to love and Mungbeans and deli choice delights for a limited time,yeh baby hippies like yourself!.Please more than fast food solutions are needed here!. 8-) :-? :lol:
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