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Default Re: How the Ten Planks of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO were Accomplished in America

see kid, its the same thing. you are a useless elitist twit who believes hes "educated" out of the "false left right" and at the same time arguing that corporatism and communism arent actually the same fundamental ideology. why is that? HAHA thats because you are deeply entrenched in the false paradigm you pretend to dispute.
Hey Nay palm Man I think youve been watching Apcalypse Now, Hamburger Hill and Platoon one too many times try the Marine sargent drill somewhere else asshole since I am not in any military unit you havent earnt my respect oh well back to your high brass fantasy land, location couch HQ in suburban living room amongst pizza boxes and bud bottles!.

By the way I am an adult male your addressing.
The example you decided to attack was more of a religious statment than a political one it is suppose to look rich in irony that was no accident.The point i was trying to make is Humanity isnt perfect.However apprently like so many other conceited superegos you happen to believe you are infallible without human frailty!.

You can make all the presumptions you like Americans like you are always so conceitedly right, I suppose that is why your empire is screwed up whether due to natural disasters that just cant be handled or by being bogged down in foreign wars you will Never win!. Remeber vietnam you fat american lard ass you lost it get it LOST THE WAR! like you will lose in Iraq!.

And by the way what makes you presume i am on your side!Draken and a few others here from the past already now I am not on their side.However this doesnt seem to exclude me from debating here.I think cc needs a few enimas like myself as too many posters here seem to be just repeating each other ad finitum in a manner which is a tad predictable i think.
After all what is the point of a forum if no opposing arguments are posted you should be grateful for the opposition!.

CC has never made its ideological position clear especially not to someone from Australia like myself that does not use the same political terms as someone from the US so my confusion about some of you here only continues to grow!. :-? :roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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