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Default Re: Numerology and Australia.

Thanks for taking the time to deliver this to CC; I'm not sure about the numerology stuff, but I do know that numerical coincidences and synchronicities are well-documented. Great disasters seem to have an affinity for significant coincidences!
I got the urge to place a little sign on my car window that simply says "Ps. 33" a while ago, before the hurricanes in the US. We know that the landfall of one was at -33, and the seismological activity in Calif. is at 33 degrees.
The 33rd Psalm warns not to trust in military strength alone for victory. Hmmmmm . . . .
I also am researching the details of a site in Texas at Lat. -100, Long. 33. It is about 150 miles west of Houston and I believe it is of some signifiance to this cause. Any input about this would be greatly appreciated!
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