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Default Re: what's your best come back for the o'l "Anti-Semitism" ace in the hole?

My personal opinion is that they can all go and die.

I used to be just like them. If they wake up they wake up...if not, they can die and rot with their beloved Centralized Power Structure which according to them will be in their hands through the mechanisms of the U.N.

I am feeling a little better now I realise God simply wants me to tend my garden and those "with ears" will listen. Thats why I stay here THUMPER. I have no wish to bump my head against a brick wall anymore.

BTW...on the subject of being labelled an "anti-semite". I just wind them up more and say "yes I am. We should burn them all now, especially the little Jew babies as I understand they toast crispy quite well." Let them get their therapy and get over it.
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