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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

Why thank you rush for your kind, chivalrous and brave gesture on my behalf

It's nice to know, in a day when men snivel and cower for the favor of men (people), and the large or louder "crowds" appeal, that there are (still) some courageous gentlemen left out there, who can see the difference between right and wrong. They can step in on behalf of a lady when and if she is feeling hurt, put off, or offended by something, or, someone.

I really have made my peace here with them on this rush, to my knowledge.

I don't really have anything to say to anyone on it, it wasn’t the only thing that put me off coming here.

But seeing you speak in such a fervent and kind way defending me, your sister in Christ, made me proud of you rush. Not in the part about personalities, I don't mean that. I mean in that you were willing to risk some of your popularity and/or the "favor" of men (people here in this case) for doing the right thing, going to the defense of someone who was hurt/offended.

It's true there were some other things aid here about me, lies, that also put me off a bit about this club. But the decency, with which you held your ground rush, impressed me far beyond anyone here. Because, as I said, in the end, and in between, it wasn't about going against anyone, (though you may have other problems with personalities here, this is not my issue or situation), so much as it was about defending someone, me in this case again, who meant no harm.

I really was considering leaving here this week. But at times, I still enjoy it here. And besides, there is too much to do and share for the cause of Jesus Christ, the one the new world order advances against, Him and His children, for us to feel we must be silent, due to those who do not agree, or hate us.

Thank you TOO to my marvelous brothers and sisters in Jesus who DID reply to me

It is YOU TOO who helped me be more interested in staying here.

And as that all too famous quote goes flopping around this forum: “You know who you are” LOL
To forgive is
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