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Default Re: how different would things be if we lived in a Libertarian world, without the NWO?

The typical "left-winger is in favor of freedom for personal issues
but wants to restrict freedom in economic matters. The typical "right-winger" is in favor
of freedom in economic matters but wants to restrict freedom in the area of personal issues..
.k so you say that that left wingers want to restrict freedom in economic matters. Yet in the US during the 90s when clinton was in power, the US had one of its most prosperous decades ever this was also the decade of the Dotcom revolution and at that point there were no recessions and no corporate frauds this was before Enron and all those rackets and clinton was not against free trade at all, infact he was all for it and equal with any Republican administration you could name.

Also because it was before 9/11 there was no Police state or Homeland security Dept like there is now in the US.
The Homeland security Dept is the ultimate form of interference in individual liberty you have by any Government of any ideology anywhere, typical of tyrannical Regimes in third world shit heaps except now you have it right on your doorstep your very own Homeland Police state.

So can you still hold to this stereotypical left model when GWB seems far more left wing than left wing in terms of government interference in the lives of the ordinary US citizen.

The libertarian simply believes in freedom both
in economic and personal areas and rejects
the divide-and-conquer contradictions
of the left and right wing.
The Libertarian you speak of is usually baby boomer upper middle class hypocrite that preaches morality and claims to often be a christian and may even go to church every sunday yet is far richer than any person trying to go through the eye of a needle.He/she also usually involved in stock market usury which the Bible also forbades.

The libertartian you speak of also goes on evangelical moral crusades to outlaw homsexuality and promte the traditional family in the burbs yet because of his/her belief in the absolute free hand of the market would be willing to let the Porn Industry prosper if he thought it was the next wave of Financial sucess for Shareholders Business and Bankers.

The libertarian you speak of would also be prepared to go to war for Profits just as the US has done under GWB to expand economic growth or get at scarce resources e.g Oil. Infact every war was been fought for economic growth since time immorial, so for you to say your mega capitalists are against war is simply bollocks!

So it seems to me the Libertarians you speak of are nothing but b boomer bourgoise hypocrites and worse they would like a kind of neo corporate fuedalism with as many serfs as possible to feed the greed of a small Oligarchy of New England judeowasp hybrids more commnly known as the Illuminati!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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