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Default Re: gauging NWO progress by hollywood productions

The 501-C3 corporate church I attend absolutely loves "The Passion of the Christ". They play clips of that fuckin' movie just about every Sunday or Wednesday night to pull at sheepl's heart strings. It makes me sick. But hey, what can I do when they already believe they know the truth?
What do they think they're watching -- do any of them actually speak Aramaic?
That is one of the main reasons why I haven't viewed the film yet. I hate subtitles. I never saw a spaghetti western that didn't leave me a little lost and confused in some parts, even with voice dubbing.
Also, I question what actually makes this film so controversial? Isn't it just the crucifixion of Jesus retold from another perspective? After all, not that many people got so totally bent out of shape when Martin Scorcese did the same thing with "Last Temptation of the Christ", right?
I think the whole thing was a preconceived scheme to heighten religious tensions, and Gibson was one of the co-conspirators. After all, why would Hollywood even let him make such a film for any other reason, knowing what we know about who pulls their strings?
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