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Default Re: Bill Bennett's "Off-Color" Remarks

I agree with your views NOMAD and FREEMAN but what of personal responsability?

No one shoves the coke and crack into their hands and says sell it. No one tells them to sell out for cash to make music video's extolling the virtues of "Bling Bling Gangsta Rap"..."bust a cap in your ass nigga"..."hey bitch i gunna tap your fine ass mutha fucka".

Get out the DVD "Biggie And Tupac" and tell me if you still harbour the same views on the "poor hard done by blacks in da ghetto".

They could at least take a leaf out of Pablo Escobar's book and pour the profits back into their communities but they cant even do that they're so stupid and ridiculously shallow and superficial. So over the top pathetically singing of their love for "dere babies" and how they love "dere mamma's" while destroying their communities with their shit.

They make me sick*.
*The author advises he may just be tired and projecting hatred at black people becoz he cannot dance. He also advises that he hates rap/hip hop music with a divine passion so intense he once through a stapler at the telly putting a crack in it when MC Hammer came on one time to many in the late 80's.

He does however like Eminim...coz he takes "da piss outta imself" using doggie puppets.

P.S..this Bennett guy sounds like a complete whacko or an obvious stooge. Even if you truly believed it, why would you say it in public?
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