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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Unlike people who call themselves Christians, I actually make an effort to fight the NWO
Yeah, you said a mouthful there, nohope.
(I have to bite my tongue, because that really applies to something else on this forum that I should just let lie -- ah, not I won't.)
So here we go:
Remember the scripture, "And ye shall know them by their works." That has been the litmus test for me of REAL Christians.
How any real Christian can stand by and watch George Bush's phony war on terror and remain silent -- or even worse supportive -- belies the true priniples of the faith.
How any real Christian clergyman could NOT preach against Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the NWO right from the pulpit on a regular basis speaks volumes toward what mainstream Christianity has degnerated into.
How any real Christian could get sucked into this materialistic trap of NWO "funny money", easy credit and stratification by personal wealth a la the Rockefellerian apostasy demonstrates more of the same.
Study the people who would tell you that they are followers of the meek and lowly Jeus, look at them closely and see if they really do exude the correct combination of faith and works, love and charity, longsuffering patience and righteous indignation, before you let them lead you anywhere. Otherwise you may just find yourself chasing another flavor of the same old poison.
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