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Default Re: Bill Bennett's "Off-Color" Remarks

Yeh, i'm not really arguing as I'm familiar with how they've been messed with.

I guess i'm a little sick of all the excuses for self destructing...everyone elses fault but mine.

However, i say that, while living in a fairly comfortable place called Australia. It aint Sweden but it aint "da ghetto" either.

Our so called "Right Wing" would probably be regarded as "Fringe Left" by U.S standards. However, John Howard is working on it.

Hey DRAK! Tell us all about the benefits you get in Sweden! Truly, this is how the NWO will a pervert handing out lollies to little children. A Swedish guy told me the government flew him out to Oz after 2 years unemployed to look for work here! I kid you not! I'm moving their then losing a job as a hula dancer then flying to Hawai for work experoence paid for by the government.
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