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Default Re: Bill Bennett's "Off-Color" Remarks

I think Bill Cosby has tried his hand at straightening out da ghetto peeps, but got shouted down so many times, he quit.
Yeh, that would be right.

Look at true hip hop from the early 70's. Politically inspired and what is it now? These freakin black fools deserve what they get. True "old school" type artists like "Paris" cannot compete with "da bling bling gangsta" shit so as far as i'm concerned they get what they deserve.

People have a choice. They ar'nt all living in mud huts at the mercy of "da evil white man". Again, why ar'nt they pouring some of that drug money back into their communities? Then I would hold my tounge and the acid would not be quite so strong.

We saw in that extract of Ruppert confronting John Deutch in Compton, a vocal black group of African Americans who cared about their community. Where are they? Why is'nt the black community condemning day and night the subversion of their youth to "White Man" - "White Bread" music culture, sung by niggaz but controlled by the massive corps? Hav'nt they worked out endless carping by fellow niggaz extolling the virtues of selling coke and crack and "bustin caps in ya nigga homie's ass" might have an adverse effect on the practical daily lives of Black Americans?

Henry's last one on "Poisenous Kulture" was never so evident than in the subversion of Hip Hop to the current gangsta rap crap...ironically the "White Man" sells it to them to distribute (drugs), they then launder the cash through the music industry and do the White Mans bidding by destroying their own communities both physically and mentally! What stupid black fools! They think they're fighting the "system" of "Da Man" by doing this?

I'll take a leaf outta NOMADS book and laugh at the stupidity of the White Mans own Goyim...da black man. Still locked up in his "Plantation" attitude and doing the White Mans bidding while thinking he's...real cool.

Bling Bling Ma CC Niggaz! Peace Up! Whatever...
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