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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

You might be in great danger Hopeless, especially since you've hinted that you have a bullet with "their name on it."

Masons shouldn't be threatened, even in a boisterous jest, because their reach is far and wide. At the highest levels they pray to the Satanic god Baphomet, so effectively, they are Satanists.

I know, I know--you hate and despise Christians and so you probably also don't believe in Satan. (But just because you're too foolish to know that Satan exists doesn't mean that he doesn't exist or have men doing his bidding!)

Masons are clever and powerful people--they won't do anything rash or obvious. In fact, the police in most cities and towns have Masons on the force, often in high-ranking positions.

Since you reject Jesus Christ, you are very alone (and vulnerable) in this world. To make threats against men who serve Satan and then to reject the only One who can protect you is not only foolish but dangerous.
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