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Default Re: Bill Bennett's "Off-Color" Remarks

Before the benefactor government of "FDR" the American mind set was that of personal responsibility for ones own life and no one even thought of asking the government for anything.

This mind set was also part of most of the black population in the "US"
Would you believe that before FDR most black Americans lived in families run by fathers under strict conservative Christian households. True there was a form of apartheid based on the doctrine of separate but equal but the black Americans was starting to develop a growing and thriving economic culture.

What screwed things up for them?

1- The end of segregation made their business collapse much like today nwo is wreaking havoc on local communities.

2- the equal rights that have given many idiots the opportunity to go to top ivy league schools making them think that a diploma would automatically make them intelligent. I am not saying that there are no deserving black students out there . Unfortunately things got out of hand and all that was needed was black pigmentation and the doors of higher education where open to you.
Talk about dumbing down society.

2- The welfare state that made having children a growth industry specially for the black community, did you ever see many white women just having kids for the money? when I was in college I worked for state welfare office as a case worker and I never saw a white women with 10 children of different fathers asking for "mo" money.

These children born just to put a money in there mothers pockets, reared with no love or self esteem, no father figure no discipline, these are the ones creating havoc in our society today, the fatherless children of more fatherless children are creating the barbarians that will be the foot men that will convert the USA into a huge ghetto

What has been the result of the social engineering?

1- A destroyed black population ever deceasing in size.

2-A dying white society that will soon be a minority in the country they made out of wilderness.

Today Americans looks towards the government for everything look at the Katrina and Rita's victims?

No I don't hate blacks, I have no black best friend, I know a few of them. the one closest to me was killed by another Blackman for who know what reason.

Multiculturalism is bad for any society
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