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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?


Freeman... ( I feel gabby tonight) It is strange that we should arrive at so many of the same conclusions.. You have led a much different life than have.. and yet the same conclusions?.. Very interesting.

I have always been a loner.. no gangs, no clubs, no church, no nothing.. Just me and my family, and yet we come to the same end.

Oh... There was a time, when I was fourteen.. and my interest was in the Forteian society.. I was a science friction addict as a teenager in the early 60's..Then I lost all control and liked to play loud music in front of a bunch of people.. I still have the habit.

Oh.. I was interested the the Rosicrucian's and the UFOs.. But every time I went to their meetings it seemed like they were fakes... (one meeting was usually enough)

Eventually I concluded that there is a lot of evil flakysh*t out there and I wanted to have nothing to do with it... because it was all fake...

I eventually concluded that I was the only person that I could count on.. In fact I once had Charlie Manson's girls in my house.. with X's freshly carved in their foreheads.. They had blood on their knees and shaved heads.. (They had crawled on their knees for 10 miles to make a statement.) and they came to my house, and I knew them because I was there... because I offered my guitar at Charlie's "trial"

The reason that Manson was such a villain in the media, was hidden even in the press of 1969.. The reason that he is still in prison, is that he had made a list of the people who were screwing up the Earth.. On that list were many of the members of the NWO.
I'm an old dog.. Let them come and get me.. I know nothing except imprisonment is my social security.
And yet to this day..35 years later, I have never seen anyone who could break the laws of physics, or even have the "psychic power to influence the flicker of a flame"... And I have looked very hard for 50 years.. and I have seen no magic at all... ever.

Hypnotism might work.. but then it's still an illusion in the mind of the brainwashed dummie.
But once while on acid in 1971.. I was a part of a miracle. There is a big difference between "magic" and miracles..
I think I have had only one.. but who knows?.. I'll tell you about it later.
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