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Default Re: "The U.N Deception". 25 meg WMV File. Details The Rise Of The One World Government Project.

Any thoughts as to what this “trigger” is going to be?
Chaos, the more the merrier.

The basic premise is to scare the vacillating middle class into the arms of the Elite controllers.

I dont nescessarily believe the Socialist aims of the NWO program are going to be instantly evil. In fact, to lock in acceptance they will roll out ALL the goodies like "fusion" and hydrogen powered cars etc...

This will in turn show "we" the doom and gloomers (here comes the Owl sacrifice!) to be silly twits scared of our own shadows. But of course the good owl Moloch has been waiting a long time and once the fools are asleep again and safe and warm in their government supplied sleeping capsules they will be quietly disposed of to maintain order and the viability of Elite goals as they push out into the solar system.

I am ABSOLOUTLY confident they will fail.

I just fear my own big mouth means i'll go in the first wave of arrests.
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