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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Freeman, may I ask you a few questions?

You said,

--"How any real Christian can stand by and watch George Bush's phony war on terror and remain silent -- or even worse supportive -- belies the true priniples of the faith."

Why group all Christians together? I see right through Bush and his agenda. I've never bought into anything Bush has ever said. Perhaps many so-called christians buy Bush's act, but not all do.

--"How any real Christian clergyman could NOT preach against Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the NWO right from the pulpit on a regular basis speaks volumes toward what mainstream Christianity has degnerated into."

I agree with you. My own former denomination is supposedly filled with Masons.

--"How any real Christian could get sucked into this materialistic trap of NWO "funny money", easy credit and stratification by personal wealth a la the Rockefellerian apostasy demonstrates more of the same."

I haven't bought into any of this.

--"Study the people who would tell you that they are followers of the meek and lowly Jeus, look at them closely and see if they really do exude the correct combination of faith and works, love and charity, longsuffering patience and righteous indignation, before you let them lead you anywhere."

You're missing something. Being a follower of Christ does not mean that one becomes perfect. Sin will be with us us until we're santified by Christ. It's not easy to follow Christ but the alternative is no alternative. You can't fight what's coming with the NWO--it's already been foretold in prophesy. I applaud your efforts to wake up people about these threats but just remember that without Christ you can do nothing.

As for Jesus being "meek and lowly" I would suggest that you break out the book of Revelation and see just how "meek and lowly" He'll be when He returns. He's coming back to kick some evil arses including these NWO types, and to establish "His government."

Even before that, the Tribulation is His wrath poured out on mankind--hardly a "meek and lowly" time period.

Why do so many believe that Jesus is just a wimp? You need to read the entire Bible to get the proper perspective about what's coming and who Jesus really is.

Better yet, you best get on His side before very long because hell-on-earth is coming soon!

If you can't read the signs of the time and see that everything Jesus foretold is true--then you're in great danger.

Read Matthew 24 and 25--it's Jesus own personal account of what's coming.
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