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Default Re: Illusion of Democracy by Luiz Pontual

All I can say is that Democracies ONLY role is to prevent the accumulation of to much power in too few hands.

The trains can be made to run on time some other way perhaps?

Though I often find myself incredibly angry at the sheep I try to keep this quote in mind from John Milton...

"They, who would poke out the peoples eyes, condemn them for their blindeness."
Concerned with the Puritan cause, Milton wrote a series of pamphlets against episcopacy (1642), on divorce (1643), in defense of the liberty of the press (1644), and in support of the regicides (1649). He also served as the secretary for foreign languages in Cromwell's government. After the death of Charles I, Milton published THE TENURE OF KINGS AND MAGISTRATES (1649) supporting the view that the people had the right to depose and punish tyrants.

Could we not continue the great experiment with Liberal Democracy by fighting for grass roots involvement in the decision making processes? Firstly be exposing the "hidden hand" that pits us against each other causing us to react by demanding a return to the rule of Kings?

There simply AR'NT enough benevolent Kings in waiting to take up the mantle.

Except Christ who is due any day now... :-P
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