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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

"Within almost every religion known to mankind (except for outright Satanism), you can find examples of positive, loving values;" Freeman

"Welcome Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus to our website.. You are welcome here.. This site loves you, as you love your children.." SableFish

How tolerant of you! And with that comment, you have just subscribed to the NWO agenda that you rant so much about. There is a coming one world religion or agenda that even you will probably subscribe to, because your last comment suggests that even you can be deceived.

Isn't it interesting that the so-called 'tolerant' crowd always includes everyone in their little party EXCEPT those who follow Jesus Christ. Bow to a tree, a rock, a kabbah, a thousand goddesses, a frog--everything's ok except bowing to Christ.

Freeman, I'm well aware of the Hegelian principle that the globalist crowd uses to pit people against people in order to obtain a desired goal. (That's nothing new.)

But that doesn't negate my efforts to portray Islam as a false dogma with a false god and a false prophet. When Ahmad of this forum spews tripe about my Lord, I'll defend Him.
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