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Default Re: Theology Question: is 'Mystery Babylon' a reference to the illuminati?

The power of Babylon the Great over mankind began in the Garden of Eden with the Fall. Babylon was not only the name of the first city-state at Babel and the capital of the Chaldean Empire, it was the name of Satan's spiritual kingdom on earth. When Adam fell, Satan took over the rulership of the world and ruled from Babylon. Thus, Babylon in the spiritual realm is the name of Cosmos Diabolicus, Satan's Cosmic System. What Satan practiced openly before the Flood, he administered through hidden mysteries after it. Mystery Babylon refers to the secret rites of Babylon, which are known only to the initiates. Satan's empire of Mystery Babylon will rule the world until it is destroyed at the Second Advent by the Lord Jesus Christ.
The human rulers of Satan's kingdom of Babylon are the Evil King and the Prostitute of Babylon. Nimrod was the first Evil King. And the High Priestess of Babylon and Jezebel are examples of the Prostitute of Babylon. The Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon derive their power from the Cosmic System. They are the slaves of evil, who seek to enslave others as they do the devil's bidding as cosmic evangelists. The world will not be rid of these two until the Lord Jesus Christ destroys them at the Second Advent.

The Evil King is a dictator who operates outside the Laws of Establishment. He usurps true authority, and takes away freedom through both lawlessness and tyranny. True love does not exist in his vocabulary. He is the personification of his ruler, the devil, who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

The Prostitute of Babylon is the enemy of Marriage and family. She usurps the authority of her husband and seeks to rule him. Her only love is money, the coin of the realm of Babylon. She infiltrates the Church and seeks to control it through the power of Ecumenical Babylon. She appeals to lascivious lusts to get business and gain power and feigns love as a cover for insatiable lusts and greed.

The Evil King and the Prostitute of Babylon are the enemies of the Christian and civilization. They are the enemies of those who seek Spiritual Rapport, which lies beyond Spiritual Maturity in the adult phase of the Spiritual Life. They deprive Christians of their Crowns. The immature Christian will never see these enemies. They will rule his life and his Church. He will fight the symptoms without ever seeing these masters of disguise. They can only be defeated by the Christian who advances to Spiritual Rapport. And Spiritual Rapport is only possible through execution of Bible Doctrine - not just academic study. Metabolization of Bible Doctrine is required for Spiritual Growth.

The Doctrine of Babylon the Great is taught from Genesis to Revelation. It is a major theme of human history. It is the ultimate problem in the Church, the state, business, education, Marriage, and family. Yet, the problem is invisible to the Spiritually blind. Whereas, it takes a strong believer in Spiritual Rapport to defeat the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon, every believer has the power to stop them by sticking to Christian Integrity. The Christian who will not compromise on the basics of authority and love will stop them cold. Christians with integrity like Patrick and Brigid can stop these enemies.

Babylon the Great will rule until the Second Advent, but the Christian members of the Royal Family of God will be able to defeat them. Christians who take the high ground through the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine will be able to topple the thrones of the Evil King and the Prostitute of Babylon. The world will not see the Christians rise, but it will see the smoke from the fall of Babylon. The reason for many of the problems in society are rooted in the evil of Babylon the Great. Only the Christian can make a difference against the ancient enemy. Every day the Christian persists with Rebound and Spiritual Growth is another day closer to the time that victory can be achieved over the arch enemy of God and man. And every fight that is won will be an opportunity for Eternal reward at the Judgment Tribunal of Christ. The Winner believer will reign with Christ in the Millennium and will be decorated for all Eternity as a testimony of the Grace of God and the faithfulness of the King of kings and Lord of lords.
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