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Thanks folks,

I've spent a couple of weeks reviewing some of the posts on this board and still have not developed a general sense of the posting membership. Perhaps it is typical of board membership and perhaps typical of what a board with this topic would attract.

In general, I've seen a few regular posters who seem genuinely interested in how the populace of the U.S. is being manipulated. Others seem to be somewhat silly, and others completely out in 'left field' (not a political comment by the way).

The refreshing aspect of this board is that most at least clearly understand that the populace is manipulated. I just don't think they know specifically how. The former is a large step forward, the latter only a matter of education.

I will reserve my specific opinions for a bit, but will allow that I believe that there is no single, monolithic/consolidated group that is manipulating the populace. There are several.

In general, the Zionists control practically everything that eminates from the public information sources. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books. They occasionally allow others to manipulate (the socialists, the minorities, the feminists, the junk scientists), but only as far as it furthers their cause of keeping the United States fragmented and open to manipulation through guilt. The control is so complete that I often hear very well educated and otherwise intelligent professionals that I work with parrot the nonsese that they've heard in the aforementioned media without a hint of scepticism. A parroting that they would never allow themselves in their professional lives.

Our most recent indoctrination is the coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Social manipulation on a grand scale.

Enough for now. I will continue to peruse the website for a while before allowing more.

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