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Default Re: How to Succeed as a War Criminal

Veritas wrote:
This is a load of crap. Open your eyes.

The Israeli people have been asked to endure years of bombs and drive bys from Palestinian thugs shooting up school busses. Its a shame people cant see something so obvious.

Its about time these people fight back for real instead of giving up what little they have for the altruist death merchants telling them to allow themselves to die so the Islamic Fascist can have what they want.

Its immoral to tell Israel not to fight back and stupid to call them the problem. The problem is the death worshiping middle east.

The sooner they start stamping on their enemies with real gusto the better they, and all of us will be.
Veritas as a Jew I used to believe in Jews for

Israel ... but having investigated that both

sides are puppets of the NWO and are being

manipulated to butcher each other ... my stance

now is that Jews should just get the hell out

of there and leave the Palestinians alone

in the desert. Thinking for myself I now

realize that the Earth is the "Holy Land" and

not a tiny piece of real estate in the middle

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