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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Whoever said Jesus was weak had better go back and read the bible again . . . Jesus took one of the worst beatings in recorded history, and not only lived long enough to drag a 400 lb. cross to the site he was going to die in, but he KNEW he was going there to die, and he, to the best of his ability, knowingly carried his cross. AND they beat his ass along the entire way. So whoever said that Jesus was a wimp, should try getting beat with a hook flail within an inch of his/her life, then drag a 400 lb, splintery cross, with a crown of thorns around the head, while getting spit on and verbally abused by a crowd, while soldiers kick your ass the whole way there. I think that makes Jesus just a bit tougher and braver than, say, 150 people put together.

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