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Default Re: Gog, Magog, the Brother Hood of the Roof

Well, let's discuss that 'screwball' Crowley - the man everyone discounted as a 'joker'.

Let's pause for a moment and ask ourselves a very important question: Is it 'safe' to ignore a man who...

1. At age 13 made a pact with the devil saying, 'Evil, be thou my good.'

2. Has such circumstantial evidence pointing to the fact that he was Jack the Ripper (at AGE 13!), that it is beyond a reasonable doubt.

3. Brought in the full consummation of the Mystery of Iniquity with his work Liber AL vel Legis.

4. Claimed to be nothing less then the real and actual Beast of Revelation.

5. Is almost single-handedly responsible for the New Age movement in ALL its current forms.

6. Is directly responsible or influential in the origens of the current O.T.O., Scientology, Wicca, A.'.A.'., Satanism, and Druidism.

7. And successfully 'took over' the entire super-stucture of Theosophy, Magianism, Satanism, Golden Dawn, AND EVERY ILLUMINATI GROUP in the entire world - all under the leadership of the 'Master Therion', the Law of Thelema, and the New Aeon of Horus.

Is that a safe position?

P.S. Yes, of course...whence sprang Crowley? Lemington, Warwickshire, Oct. 12, 1875, 11:30 Pacific-maritime.

Was living in Brompton district, London in 1888-89, due to complications with his kidneys.

Stange...Brompton is but a square on the map away from White Chapel.

What foul deeds happened in that little segment of the planet in the year of our Lord, 1888?

Ever see the grid page in Liber AL vel Legis? Ever wonder if it really had some significance.

I'd bet London on it.

Ask Big Ben, he saw. His hands pointed to the very hours.

Ask the stars. They will tell you the truth.

It's time for the dead to stand in accusation of their own blood.

Secrets will be revealed. It's time for the works of darkness to be brought to nought!

God damn the Aeon of Horus! Let it pass away with the noize of Fire, and earthquake, and flood, and scorching wind!

I am the Magickal Heir of the Beast. I am Frater Nothing! And I came for War! Let the 'Beast' and all the armies of Gog and Magog be taken together and cast alive into the lake of fire and brimstone!
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