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Default Re: Video - "Waco: The Big Lie". 19meg WMV File

I think "Rules Of Engagement" was a VERY well done peice of propaganda that gave credence to claims Koresh was kiddie fiddling and sorta made the FBI and ATF look like idiots but not the mass murder'ers they were and ARE.

I really like this one which I believe was the first to come out.

As for starting a site...I get 30meg of web space with my broadband 2 account.

NOMAD put me onto

Extremely good value. 20 gig webspace and UNLIMITED traffic for about $15 a month Aussie. Must pay yearly though. A few friends have confirmed they're legit and good value.

I use Dr Div X to convert DVD vob files to AVI files which are easy to work with.

I use Sony Vegas 6.0 for editing and conversion to web media - Quicktime - Realplayer and all the other formats.

Adobe Premiere is another but it is FAR more complicated and less easy to use.
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