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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

:-( The womens liberation movement in the 1960-70s what else!. As soon as young women started going to Universities in Australia on mass they started to see men as an optional extra not a necessity they do not see the Patriarchial family as a neccessity either.
I am 30 and have come across many young women at university here in au and found them to bisexual by preference after a great deal of inquisition in which ofcause i did not judge them upfront for it, but i sure as hell will judge them here.

It seems most of the young to middlle aged women in au would like to do nothing for the rest their lives in terms of relationships except have temporary flings at Dance clubs with amphetamines and gay males and lesbian friends. It seems many of them are prepared to go on in this vein of Lifestyle forever without any thought for their maternal biological clock.By the time they reach their thirties they are usually not fit for marriage anyway even if they have decided to turn over a new leaf.They usually have herpes and all others kinds of venerial dieases. :-( :-?

While caucasian women in australia tend not to be breeding alot these days the majority of the population in the big cities like sydney are mainly either asian (mostly chinese) or Middle eastern (mainly lebanese arabs) this means any new births are usually non caucasian in Australia, meantime the native anglo population stagnates in its birthrate, mainly due to feminism and other liberal ideas that women are taught mainly in universities but also via pop culture both private and government Media, that Patriarchial family is not the goal of their lives any more!.

I know personally I have reason for being single at thirty in Australia.And its a good one so far as i am concerned it is the vanity and poor quality of women not just around my own age but also in their 20s after all i dont really fancy marrying an asian or arab women or god forbid jewess these sadly seem to be the options in a multicultural pot like sydney Australia!. :-( :-?
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