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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

Within almost every religion known to mankind (except for outright Satanism), you can find examples of positive, loving values; and you can also find just the opposite if you look hard enough: hatred, intolerance, sexism, bigotry
Thank-you for defining the human-race.

God's Word says "All have sinned". Jesus Christ is the pure and only atonenment for mankind. God needed a spotless lamb, no animal would do. Talking about how "all races" have "truths" and we should "all just get along" is not the point. Part truths don't cut it with a perfect God and Eternity. Jesus said if we sin in one point, one commandment, we miss them all. How can we get to Heaven?! Christ alone.

Sharing that we can find "positive values" really doesnt mean anything at all, nor does sharing the "inconsistencies" of "Christians", because that's not the point either. We are not perfect, only Jesus. We need Him.

Your way of talking there unites everybody, or all those who feel they are "good" men and "open minded fair" men. But it makes no distinction for Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is THE very dividing point which seperates we Christians from -all other- men (and women). When we are in Christ, we make a united agreement that we won't deny Him, or say that He "is not God". Once we are His, it is very hard to deny because He is faithful when we are not. We are His.

The broad-road is -inclusive-. The new world order's code words from its Satanic dictionary:

"tolerance"," diversity", words about "hate" "crimes, these are -all- geared to shove the Christians at the back of the bus and have men be minded to group together, often world events, along with media's -huge- anti-Christian campaign, is meant to have men (people) become, not only anti-Christians, but "open" to all faiths, and yes, even those well-meaning folks who know there is a new world order and a Satan, they miss the boat at Jesus. Europe, England, Canada? Engulfed in this.

God=Jesus Christ/anti-Christ=Satan

Do you see?

The former is generally derived from the purest, most original form of the belief system in question, while the latter usually comes from secular apostasy and ongoing corruption of religious scriptures and dogmas, such as "Rockefeller Christianity".
That sounds like a labeling and judgeing of Christians to me. in-tolerance?

Rockefeller funded abortion, Margaret Sanger on and on, not things we Christians are about. All the things the new world order is for, We are against. And more than you know..

I think we are already seeing a prime example of this with the tactics of those disruptive elements on this forum.

You have called me, rushdooney, another Christian I think, "disruptive elements". What foo, what hokum, freeman. You're sounding like the very folks you claim to despise. You know you should hate their sin, but not despite them. When you work against their sin, but do so to sin against us, who wins? Right, Satan..You need to know more truth on this freeman. You're wrong in these posts.

ephesians, "distruptive elements" is a thing that freeman has said of me and other Christians here recently. freeman code for "those pesky Christians I can't stand". Ok, he may like some of us..not me..not the 2 or 3 real ones and vocal I've seen.

Why? Because we "disrupt" your way of seeing things, as we see them differently.

I am also very proud of the people in this group for not being easily deceived, manipulated or even "guilted" into compromising their opinions and beliefs.
Freeman, you have suggested I am "disengenous","manipulative" and use "guilt" to talk to others. Well , you know what?

I'm not and I don't.

This is all your perception. And a sinful, hurtful, false one too.

The day you can read my soul- is the day you are very god- Sir

and you are -not- "very god"..

Let us never be overly impressed or taken with our own self perceptions, or followings reputations..that we fall so deeply in love with our own hype we out-hype ourselves..

*falls into a new age- grey-poupon swoon, hugging self falling to floor, kisses self's ring*..."but of course.."

I won't freeman, you shouldn't either..If you're a Christian, you suggested you are.

Don't you know as a leader and teacher you are more responsible for souls than the average man?
God's word says you are in deep danger if you lead them astray! He will require it of you. They look up to you here, you ought to know.

Or does that merely refer to public disucssions?
Your "real" Christianity-

My point is, freeman has other ideas, which he does not hide, I'm glad, about we Christians, ephesians. I won't speak for him, but this has been the experience for me.

And yes, I can speak more boldly with my brothers in Christ here. Being one woman being dumped on for Jesus was very painful here, though I still bless God for it and count it ALL joy.

And you know freeman, you made me cry man, but I thank you.

You don't know me and I am a label to you..

One more thing,
on another post here, you talked to another guy,
and he was talking about a "conspiracy theory" that "lynn" is "probably a man", well I'm not- and now I have seen your varying colors?..You loved and agreed with his colorful yarn about "lynn" being a "new world order worker", well, I'm not, again..

Deal with it.

What is more disturbing though, is that God has..seen your own sin in this. I won't go on in the public. I truly hope you get this.

"Do you think the One who made the yes cannot see and made the ears cannot hear?"

Learn to cultivate a conscience, freeman..not just for causes, but for people-
it may serve you well, if Jesus Christ is who you really want to serve.

And for the record, God saw your little communication to me earlier. And all your accusations of me, judgements of my character, man you know nothing of my heart. Except by some words on a page, and you know that might be some insight for our temporary places in the heart and passing behaviors and on here we stand. But who are you to talk to me that way, WHO!?.

You can imagine all the evil of me you want, but it left me in tears.

I know you think its bologna. But I don't care. It's true.

What's more, at 41 years of age, and 17 years as a Christian, I have never ever had a real Christian man leave me feeling in such a place to end up weeping for about half an hour, at least, maybe more. Freeman here will tell you I'm full of poop and playing on your "guilt", he's too good to have a conscience..And too blind to know who I am. The door for me is closed there, regarding freeman, his door.

I know I was less than kind to some, and even maybe a bit rude to others, but never did I expect anyone to ever come to such a cruel and false group of accusations as you made upon my being tonight, freeman.

If you can't see your sin, your error there, please don't talk about my Jesus.

For, respectfully, I have seen you too and do forgive me, I can't let you know in a private message, it amounts to a form of hypocrisy -perhaps you don't see. Not judgeing you, I know you think I am "judgemental" too, fact

Scarey that youre so darned set in your thinking so convinced, how could you possibly think I'm sincere, or take me seriously, let alone trust me or what I say? *Gasps*
Heaven forbid..*shifts*

I won't posture on this, I may've done this and some of what you said, maybe I should adress in part, who knows but NOT the way you put it NOT, NOT, NOT-that is NOT who I AM.

And freeman I am your friend in that I can see it, in you, too! But, no, I amnot your friend, right, sorry, my "error".

I know there's at least one who wrote me here while it was happening. I have no pretense. I mess up too.

The standard you set for me you can't keep yourselves.

Only Christ.



who is a Christian,
and is a woman,
and is not in any way invloved with the new world order..

P.S. and I got into it with some, and you know made some mistakes, and mentioned one Ann Coulter article, the man thinks I'm Nancy Reagan, strike that, he'd probably prefer her..freeman just hates me, and finds me one 'not to trust".

Fortunately, *newsflash*, he's not God
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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