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Default Bali Blast Footage

"Bali blast footage". They claim it shows one of the bombers looking rather thin in his supposed bomb vest with 10kg of TNT (maybe he's holding his tummy in?). The reporter also claims the man is holding a "detonator device" in his hand. That "device" could well be his car keys or maybe a fork for his cheese cake...but who am I to argue with the telly. I hope my fellow Aussies now fully realize the terror the rest of the world has been in for the last umpteen years with 500 pound bombs from "coalition" aircraft falling on their heads for some time. I just wish these "terrorists" could of waltzed into Johnny Howards tea and toast morning coffee down at Observation City a couple of days ago and gotton a "real terrorist". 1meg WMV File.

[img align=left][/img]Literally a millisecond before the blast. It comes in from the left of screen.
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