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Default Re: The Hoax of Female Empowerment - Henry Makows Latest.

Perhaps John Howard is the ONLY truely conservative leader left
How can you possibly call him conservative in terms of family values when pushes an ideology that ses anything goes in terms of social values so long as the market is free to decide.
I mean most of the pop culture pushing homosexual lifestyles and feminism originates with the our liberal Pop culture ideology which tells the youth anything goes!.A culture which Howards liberal government fully supports.

He appears to REALLY care about families and targets them with alot of cashols. As long as they work.
These are rarely as good as they sound there are always strings attached.And mean frankly whats the point when so many young Australians especially the native anglo population are simply not breeding or having families anyway! That means the people taking advantage of the cashols are ethnic groups where I am from like Islamic arabs or Asians.
And so another potential generation of terrorists are born and heres your cashols mr and ms muhmood. :-( Also what about the new Industrial relations laws we have in Australia, they are zero family friendly, whats the most important thing in keeping a family together finance ofcause a job, which is why that christian political party Family First plans to make a stand against them!.
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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
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