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The problem that is pissing me off is the anger and resentment of these 40 something women here in Sao Paulo. They are the first generation to be sold the feminazi lie to get to their 40s in Brazil, and therefore the first to reap the bad consequences.
They are angry, full of bitterness. They give you the finger in traffic, would easily smash your car if you give them the opportunity. You can identify them because of the nice clothes, the nicely done hair (they have money) and the "I'm tough" look.

Women have the capacity of living their lives in anger, in histeria when they feel they have been betrayed by life, 100% of the time. I mean, guys, even when very angry, eventually relax, but those poor women live in such a tension all the time. I feel sorry for the poor miserable guys who work for them. There is no way to keep up with their nervous energy, so you always are guilty of not being "worried", "running around", "anxious" enough. They confuse anxiety with pro-activity. Anxious people hate calm people.

I know a woman here in her 40s. She met a Scotish guy (married, 4 children) at a project here in Brazil and proposed to have a baby with him. No strings attached. The fool accepted. The baby was born, and she played with her doll for some years. Eventually, the baby turned into a very rebellious kid and the fun was over. Today she is a neurotic wreck. Screams with the kid all day. Sucks every penny she can from the Scot (remember, no strings attached ? hum hum). You can't stand being with her in the same roomm for 5 minutes.
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