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Default Re: Christianity & The Demise of America

When churches first had to get ID Numbers so that the members' tithes could be tax deductable, that was the beginning of the end of true Christianity in America.

Employees in the Churchs' offices had to start paying taxes at this time, also.


From that point on the "gubmint" could control what was preached from the pulpits with the threat to take their "tax exempt status" away, meaning the congregation could no longer deduct their tithes from their Income Tax Returns and the Churches would have to treat those tithes as income subject to taxation.

ANYTHING that is organized can more easily be taken over. That is just one more reason why guerrilla warfare is so successful.

Unless you go to church to see and be seen, you might start thinking in terms of Guerrilla Christianity. Have like-minded people agree to meet in each others homes to read and study the Bible. It isn't rocket science; a concordance and a KJV of the Bible is all it takes along with people of good will.

Now, that's fellowship.
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