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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

They don't like the law, they change it. As easy as that.

That law that is in Arny's way will be ammended. I'd bet money and I don't gamble. That is the way they do it everywhere. The members of the legislative assembly, the folks who write the laws are corrupt as a peanut and alter the laws to suit their needs. That's why the human rights commsission here can give me a little blue pamplet that in no way, shape or forms bears any resemblance to the canadian charter of rights.

That little Uncle Tom so and so told me that my daughters right to an eduaction was not part of her rights, here in Nova Scotia. I have the taped conversation. It is beyond rediculous. This jackass is spouting forth shit from his clap trap, denying my child the right to an education, denying that she even had a RIGHT TO AN EDUCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do you go from there?


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