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Default Re: Christianity & The Demise of America

Think Darbyism, The Scofield Bible, and Oxford press.. and realize that the meaning of "The Bible" changes over time, according to political manipulations... As it has for almost two thousand years.

According to the Neocons, The Bible now says that if your descendants are from Kazaria and claim that they are the blood of Christ.. They have the right to kill the Semites.. (Arab/Palestinian) Gene pool..

A huge swindle.. To swipe a religion of the just for the purpose of evil, The evil of the Kazarians is exposed again.
A Bunch of historically violent people pretending to be Jews... With not a drop of Semite blood in their veins.. Invades the Holy Land.. And thru warfare, attrition, and torture, kills the Semites it claims to represent.
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