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Default Re: Something Is Not Right. The Story Does Not Add Up.

An interesting take by "Judicial Inc" website.

I like his succinct and easy to read style...with pics!

He's not exactly "fully referenced" but I think this guy does some good work and would recommend him to people. I sorta put him in the same vein as Joe Vialls...interesting, with a tiny pinch of salt.

We still have NO confirmation other than unfounded rumour that the car was "wired" with explosives. If that car was "wired" we would have pics ALL OVER the web of it.

I disagree with the 'Judicial guy' and believe these guys are British SAS. They were surveilling and got caught. They killed 2 Iraqi coppers? Where are the bodies and where are their families demanding compensation?

Someone claimed that it was ridiculous that they could have been surveiling "insurgent" activity as if there are NO "insurgents in the Iraqi South. There are PLENTY of insurgents in the South. They are loyal to the Mullahs and at the first oppurtunity, when it suits, the British are going to find out the hard way.

Plenty of arms smuggling from Iran and drug dealing going on. Iraq is AWASH with speed and downers.

I think the Internet community showed it's greatest flaw when it went after this story without thinking and REALLY weighing up the evidence.

It has gone cold. Why? Because the internet community has made a fool of themselves and they know it.

That being said...if more reasonable evidence shows up that they were who many alledge they were, then i'll change my mind. Till then they had a Police Cheif by the balls and he's trying to cover it up. Even the Iraqi's have gone cold on this one.

If you have any interesting articles on the subject please post.
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