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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

I never got a message either, but then I think people on here know I won't be preached to. I told Mary I was tired of the religious subversion of this forum and said it is holding us back, she agreed.

The very fact that we have so many different religions in this world says to me that none are the real deal, religions are used to manipulate and control society creating fear and oppression leading to hate and murder, there is only ONE God and we are all his children. A relationship with God is a personal thing, why waste time and energy on self righteous judgements of others when that time would be better spent building up your own personal relationship. I do not believe in a one world religion but personal devotion to yourself/family and your creator, God is not boastful, judgmental or cruel, God does not command fear, God should let us feel free and content in our lives, a free and contented person will always do the 'right' thing - positive thoughts and actions that come from the heart not a fear of burning in eternal hell. My acts of kindness towards others come from genuine emotions not fake ones and likewise I don't want others kindness unless it's real and from the heart either. I love and respect all those who are religious I just ask that they love and respect me too, otherwise they're going to be pretty peeved when they see me waltzing through the pearly gates :-D

This forum is for us to work towards defeating the NWO not to go around in endless circles destroying each other with religious dogma. If people fail to acknowledge this then they are indeed subverting this cause.

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