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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

"An enigma, wrapped in a mystery contained in a riddle...and round and round it goes."

and...where it stops, nobody knows!!!

And, so, then the above statement explains EXACTLY how the Illuminati work their "magic" (confusion) on the masses by using the likes of operatives such as Icke, etc. as disinformation agents who mix a little bit of fact with a whole lot a fiction.

Like tb once said, why spoil your own well? and this is what Icke has done, but his "followers" are too wrapped up in the mystery he has provided and they can't see the forest from the trees.

The imagination is like a sponge. Give it something to ponder, something of intrique, keep adding to the story as you gain momentum with your listeners making for a great "science fiction" movie/novel and you've just captured an audience. Sometimes, a stupid one, at that.

However, mind control and brainwashing can be affected in "lesser" degrees/trance states on the population than what one would experience in a "mind control" program. As you know, the programs involved not merely what Icke is offering his VICTIMS, but deprevations, emotional, sexual and physcial abuse, while in captivity, which leads to a "complete" surrendering of one's will to their ABUSERS.

Oh, what a "tangled web" they weave upon society and have been weaving for centuries. First, practicing "black magic" and/or mysticism upon the masses and then with the advancement of technology they had a "gold mine" in their hands.

Their ownership of the "air waves," of course, was their number one priority.

They have been weaving and weaving this web of deceit around the truth as to their "practices," secret societies, witchcraft, etc. for centuries keeping the truth hidden and buried amongst all the mounds of garbage.

Looking for a needle in a haystack, trying to sort through all the rubbish isn't an easy undertaking; especially when accounts of their atrocities cannot be confirmed by witnesses. So, those who profess to have been on the "inside" cannot be considered PROOF.

Sure, there are "mind control" victims/survivors such as O'Brien, Sullivan, Rutz, to name a few, but are they taken seriously by the public as confirmation of government sponsored mind-control programs involving pedophilias such as Cheney and Bush, Sr.?

And, so, those who have been working for decades to unravel this mystery and are providing information about this government "satanic" cult through investigative work, insider knowledge, etc. are striving to bring the masses to a "critical" awakening but, heretofore, must keep their objective not so much focused on the "practices" of these groups, because there are many of them, but on what WE know as the "corrupt" agenda being put forth at present for America and the world by the "psychopaths" who control the world's money supply, resources, and most important, the people.

A gigantic jigsaw puzzle is what we are attempting to complete in order to SEE the "Big Picture;" however, we are missing a zillion pieces and they may never be found.

So, the issues, the core matters, the path into which they are leading America and the world is of UTMOST importance.

The secondary issue regarding their "belief system" and all the other CRAP that attaches itself to this MONSTER is just so DEEP.

How deep?


But, that's just my opinion.
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