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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

nomad wrote:
I can't help buy wonder how the date was accurate

about a Big One happening but the event was not.

It could be that a military power is demonstrating

ionospheric weapons. The date is a tad

too coincidental don't you think ?
According to a rather interesting article by Joe Vialls, yes the date was (more or less) accurate. It's simply the place that was a (classic) NWO deception.

In his analysis, an enormous thermonuclear bomb did in fact detonate round about Dec 27, 2004 (in fact, on Dec 26, to be precise), compliments of Wolfowitz et al.. it's just that it didn't go off in Houston.. it went off in a deep sea trench just off the coast of Indonesia.

This article is here:

I find it interesting .. not sure I agree w/ everything, but it's certainly very interesting.

Per the Houston/Dec 27 thing, he specifically mentions Wolfowitz utilizing the classic "what's that? look behind you! (while I do this devious thing over here)" NWO deception:

If I remember correctly, shortly before Christmas I received a large number of emails from various people about some "German Guy", who apparently claimed that Wolfowitz had got hold of a critical weapon and was going to nuke Houston on either the 26 or 27 of December. I never did read the whole email, but it seems very likely that it was initially circulated by Wolfowitz or one of his ilk, as a classic disinformation distraction. Try something along the lines of "You suckers all watch Houston very carefully on 26 December, while I nuke Asia behind your backs… "
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