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Default Re: Video - "Waco: The Big Lie". 19meg WMV File

I have to disagree a little with this, though. After seeing it, I felt it had definitely exposed the ATF as the 'bad guys' in the whole thing. I don't think it set out to out them as idiots, rather note that they were the instigators of the whole horror, not the reverse as was the official line.
It painted them as "idiots" and "over zealous" and "out for revenge" after the killing of their comrades.

That is a little different from OUTRIGHT, DELIBERATE MURDER which is what it was.

The average pleb will say after watching "Rules Of Engagement"..."well it's unfortunate, but those coppers do have a difficult job and that guy Koresh does look like a bit of a freak and why did'nt he release the kiddies and they were shooting at the Branch Davidians in the thermal tape but maybe they were confused..." and so on. Again, a great peice of propaganda appearing to condemn the ATF and FBI in "detail" but leaving the average viewer with the feeling it was all just one big terrible mistake that got outta hand. IMHO.
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