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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

DarkChilde3D wrote:
I must say that I am thouroughly enjoying both sides of this debate. Each response presents sound arguments.

However, women have turned into these 'sluts' like Brittany because of the 'liberation' for a simple reason. Us men had not shown them the love and care they desired during the decadent times leading up to the liberation movement. So, the women of the world had to seek this love amongst themselves.

Women, in this day and age have turned into the same pigs that men are, and unfortunately, the laws have proverbially removed the mens balls from between their legs . . . and men are powerless against the zero tolerance laws.

However, whether or not the zero tolerance laws were to apply, it is not the right to beat one's wife that would solve and bring peace to the battle of the sexes. Men and women must find a way to love each other. When love is there, both hearts soften up toward one another.

When the hearts soften, the man WANTS to protect and provide, and the woman WANTS to raise a family. A man WILL sacrifice the hunt of a nubile female for the arms of his wife if he so loves her, and the woman will make the sacrifice and raise the kids if she loves him. This theory also has a flaw in it, read on.

In order for the woman to want to stay home to raise the kids, she must have her instinct to find that man that CAN provide for her. In a world where outrageous pricing and ever deflating wages mean that the man and woman must share the responsibility of providing, it makes perfect sense that the instincts of the woman turn into that of those of the man.

In effect, both of you are neither right, nor wrong, while both being wrong and right. In other words, there is no answer that can be sought out by fighting amongst yourselves . . . rid the world of the cold corporate machine that feels nothing but its belly-bank account getting bigger or smaller, you will rid the world of greed. The greed of the corporation spews ads that make all of us feel greed as well.

It is the greed of the man that wants the younger female on the cover of a magazine or a porno . . . which are produced by corporations . . . that has distanced the man from the woman.

It is the greed of the woman that wants eternal youth as seen on the cover of a magazine or a porno . . . which are produced by corporations . . . that has turned the woman into the hunter she is today.

The seven deadly sins are all brought forth from corporations . . . lust from the entertainment industry . . . avarice from the magazines that dictate to you who the perfect woman is since you are old enough to understand . . . envy from the media that tells you exactly how much Trump or Gates made that day . . . anger for the prices you must pay just to feed your family and get your car to and from work . . . sadness in the realization that no matter how hard you bust your ass you can only manage to make ends meet by a mere margin, if that . . . gluttony from the so-called food they feed you that has an additive to make you more hungry.

Stop this fighting. It will not solve anything.
Bullshit! They ain't suppressed! They are a bunch of whiny-woo, bitchs bent on rebellion!
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