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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

:-? Barb:
For a woman to be a woman, first a man must be a man. He is the warrior and protector, she the child-bearer and nurturer. When you great knuckle-draging warriors go chasing off after a younger "piece," and leave the female with 2-3 or more small children who will grow up in poverty while you and the new chick spend your time dodging child support payments, I don't call that being a man.
Well thanks for all those presumptions about some, aussie male you dont even know from Adam.
First of all if you have problems with the kind of males that drag their knuckles on the ground as you say then cc is the not best place to find your high achieving, romantic, finese driven lambogini driving soul mate or toyboy.

May I suggest the male go getters on "The Apprentice" or one of the myriad of high Class Eligable Bachelor reality programs coming out of the US that i have seen here our tv you know the ones where all the candidates go away to be interviewd so the veiwers get to see what they like about the most eligable toffy nose in private before they have their first date!.

Second of all you say you are looking for warriors, ah but didnt you just say you werent interested in any males that have their knuckles dragging, I mean most warrior males do tend to drag their knuckles a little especially depending on what epoch we talking about here!. :lol:
I think you are deluded and looking for some level of perfection you will never find in any modern male,although you may find plenty of warriors amongst blue collar males and plenty of senous new age men among the professional classes to find a man with the qualities of both is really just a figment of your imgination I am afraid.You appear to be the perfect example of what Makow is talking about!Maybe what your really seeking is zena warrior Princess :lol: :lol:
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