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Default Re: Crowley, End of the World, and Jack the Ripper

Shannow wrote:
frater nothing,
I've seen reference to it a few times, not muych else.

Wander over to General and give us (well me) some background.
You just made me realize something, shannow. It is astonishing to me.

I'm going to say something that might seem arrogant, but I believe is true.

I believe that I understand Aleister Crowley in a way that no one else ever has, or ever will.

I don't know why it is that the man who should be the one everyone sees, is the man that no one sees.

The man who is responsible for bringing in the most perfected form of Satanism that the world has ever seen is considered to be a 'small player'.

It disturbs me daily. It is intolerable. My brethren in Christ have not only missed the battle, they MISSED THE WHOLE WAR!

I'm rejected. I'm thrown out of my church. They look for their Beasts to come, and they never understood. They look for raptures that will not happen.

They see Illuminati, and Satan and everything and anything except the one who would finish all of it.

Crowley and I, we understand one another. I understand WHY he did what he did. I understand HOW he did what he did. We grew up the same way.

I understand everything that Aleister Crowley ever did or ever wrote. There's just one division bell...I made a different choice out of Love under Will. And that has made all the difference.

I'll try to put up some background information about Crowley. But I have doubts. This may sound arrogant again, but to understand Aleister Crowley requires a profound and inspired understanding of Scripture.

I don't know. Sometimes I think it may be too late. There's been too much damage. No one remebers the former days. The church forgot its calling, its power, its purpose.

But, God help me...if there is still that which I can accomplish, let it be done even now!
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