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Default Re: Crowley, End of the World, and Jack the Ripper

Shannow wrote:
as a teenager, I was worrieed about the "wickedest man", and helter skelter etc etc.

I think I lost my fears with Ozzie and "Mr Crowley"...whole thing of Ozzie, biting heads off animals, and the whole show seemed laughable.

After that, Harry Price's Borley Rectory books were much scarier than any "demonic" heavy metal.
Well, no, shannow. You should know that there is no fear left in me for such things. No, we're far beyond all such concepts as 'fear'. I left that years ago.

What is astounding to me is that Christians do not recognize first of all how RIGHT Crowley was. This is horrible. Because to not understand how right Crowley was is to not understand the very elemental principles of Christ.

Without this, a person cannot possibly understand how WRONG Crowley was. There cannot be that requisite discernment needed.

To miss the significance of Aleister Crowley is to miss the significance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is to miss the entire point of life and history and what this world has meant throughout all past ages and aeons of the universe.

It is to miss the liberation of the sons of light. It is to miss the significance of the final victory.

Don't people understand? I came so that I might prove to the world once and for all time that Aleister Crowley WAS THE ANTICHRIST!

He did not want this to the missed. He spent his entire life to attain this one goal. And he succeeded.

I came that in his victory he might be destroyed. For this was of his own will. I came to bring the End through the Spirit of the Mouth of Christ.

He comes with Clouds, and every eye shall see him, even those who pierced him. He comes with the angels of his power to meet out judgement on all the ungodly and those who obey not the gospel of Christ.

Crowley came to bring final damnation upon this corrupted world. This too was sent by God himself through the energy of the working of Satan.

Affraid of Crowley? No. We are far beyond all of that. I'll tell you someone who does hold my fear, though.

This is it. The END is nigh!
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