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Default Re: "Peak Oil Scam" - Alex Jones Radio Show - 5th April 2005 - 7.5 meg MP3 File.

This is a great audio interview, TB; thanks for making it available.
Jones and his guest, Dr. Nick Begich, cover the peak oil scam very well, and also discuss other relevent issues.
Begich mentioned that because of the coming inflation due to higher oil/fuel prices, Americans will be using credit cards more, and since it's no longer possible to declare bankruptcy from credit card debt, people may become 'indentured servants' to the credit card companies, which will help to lead to an 'absolute direct controlled society.'
Also interesting that he mentioned that the U.S. government may consider lowering trade barriers to counteract inflation due to the rising cost of oil.
I think, though, that Americans will still be willing to pay much higher prices for gas before they panic. Folks in the UK have been paying three times higher prices for a long time, the big difference being that home heating prices aren't affected there like it will be here.
In checking out Dr. Begich's website, it seems he's a bit of a new ager, though. Still, he does have some great observations.
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