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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

sablefish wrote:
I read somewhere this morning about a geologist who was trying to warn everybody that an earthquake was going to happen, because of the recent studies he made on an island group a hundred miles from the epicenter.. If a large quake was eminent, it would be possible to trigger it with a nuke or, if the Tesla technology exists, to aim it where there is oil and a bunch of Muslims, on shakey fault lines.

Oh, I'm sure they have to technology to trigger earthquakes at will.. they were able to build an atom bomb in < 3 years, and that was back in the days when the military was still (more or less) accountable to Congress, and we still had (more or less) a gold standard, so they couldn't just print up finances for their evil weapons development of out thin air..

Given the 50+ years since the end of WWII, + the (essentially) unlimited budgets they've had to work w/, I'm certain they've developed all manner of fantastic weapons.

Even former defense secretary William Cohen essentially conceded (back in 1997) that Tesla-style earthquake weapons exist:

that said, Vialls seems to think that the Dec 26, 2004 incident off Sumutra was simpler and more brute-force than that, that it was literally just a huge hydrogen bomb that detonated deep in the Sumatran trench. There was a "prep" earthquake (just before the big one) of about 6.5 or so.. perhaps that was generated by a Tesla-machine to "prime the pump" so to speak, but Vialls argues that the big earthquake itself, and subsequent tsunami, was the work of a nuclear device..

For what it's worth... like I said, not sure I believe everything he has to say, but I find it very interesting! ;-)
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