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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

You cannot include the entire female species in your portrait of women.

Nor, can you include the entire male species in your portrait of men.


Your brush is painting too broad of a picture and, in reality, there are still many loving relationships that exist between man and woman with each equally contributing to the balance and equilibrium of the nuclear family.

In these times, it is indeed difficult for this to be the majority of the case. In order to fulfill desire of a comfortable life and secure future, women in many cases, must work outside the home. Sometimes, this is a hardship and most women would, in a perfect world, I believe, prefer to care and nurture their husband and children if this were not cast in negative light.

Women were conditioned through the movement to believe that unless they were as strong or stronger than men they would be dependant upon them and this was cast in negative light.

This also helped to break up marriages and create an atmosphere of females looking to females for validation and understanding believing men incapable of connecting with us emotionally, physically, etc. once we obtained independence financially.

Drugs have helped to create tension within a family and rip them apart.

I believe many men have been portrayed as sport's fanatics, cheaters and liars. But, I would not include all men in this picture.

Women/young girls come to believe through Hollywood that unless a man is wealthy, he is not powerful or strong and unless a female is perfect, she will never acquire a wealthy, strong or powerful man.

Please read Dr. Makow's current article and enlighten yourselves as to the "orchestration" that has been perpetuated upon both sexes by the "powers that be" in order to affect the attitudes that some on this thread have displayed regarding women and men in general.

I believe in men and I believe they are capable of being there for women emotionally, psychologically, financially and, yes, sexually regardless of her power outside or inside the home.

What's this CRAP, FRA, about women making most of the pornography!!

I don't buy it!!

BLAME it on Hollywood!!!
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